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Booking procedure

*I'm a professional escort and I do not flirt with a booking without a deposit. If you want to see me virtually, please look up my social media which already includes lots of selfies. You can also check my onlyfans account. If that is still not enough, please arrange a payment for a video call and decide if you want to go ahead with a booking (sexy video calls start from 15mins $150)


Example of texting Queenie:


Hi Queenie, i know you are coming to Sydney 16th Feb, I would like to see you during your tour, can i see you at 17th 3pm for 2hours GFE? I'm happy to pay a deposit, please let me know if you will be available and how much you want for the deposit. Looking forward to hearing from you! Peter​


or you can ues this simple form:


Sydney/ Peter/ 17th Feb 3pm/ GFE 2hours/ happy to pay deposit

How to see Queenie


Step 1) Price & Service- Please look at my price and service before you book and choose the one fit your needs 


Step 2) Location - Please check if I’m in your town when you want to book, best way is check homepage calendar


Step 3) Deposit- Deposit is essential for booking to avoid time waster, please understand it takes time to do make up, shower, dress up and driving to prepare for your booking, I will be disappointed to secure my time and spend my effort for someone not turn up

Deposit will be deducted from service fee it start from $200, here are the selections: 


1) beem

2) prezzee giftcard

3) bank transfer/payid

4) atm cash deposit

5) paypal (extra 10% surcharge)

6) wishtender (extra 8% surcharge)

Step 4) Turn up booking on time or even earlier if you are not familiar with the area. Don’t worry about shower, you are more than welcome to come after work, my incall will have nice shower for you to freshen up yourself


*No unprotected sex intercourse

*No private call

*Prefer 2 hour notice before booking as I don't pick up the phone when I'm busy

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