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Secret Arrangement

Let's embark on an exclusive journey together. Your desires lead the way as we explore passion and intimacy, creating unforgettable moments. Get ready for an exhilarating experience tailored just for you.

Let's spice things up with some quality time together, month after month. I'm thrilled about the idea of regular rendezvous where we can truly ignite our connection and explore our chemistry.

I thrive on building intimate connections with people. Tell me all about what sets your soul on fire, what makes you laugh, and what sends shivers down your spine.

Here's the deal: we'll indulge in one tantalizing date each month for three months. But remember, if you need to cancel, let's make sure it's 48 hours in advance. And hey, if something unexpected comes up, I'm all about finding creative ways to make up for lost time.

Oh, and about those unused dates? Sadly, they can't carry over to the next month. So let's make sure we seize every moment and make each encounter unforgettable.

And when our three-month escapade comes to an end, there's no pressure to keep the flames burning. We'll see where the heat takes us.

Once we've sealed our arrangement, just know I'll need a deposit for our first steamy encounter. And the rest of the payment? Let's settle that before our first rendezvous, shall we?

Have any fantasies or desires you're dying to explore? Don't hold back—I'm here to make our time together absolutely electrifying.

Incall Arrangements Brisbane

1 date per month over 3 months


3 x 1 Hour - $1650 - save $150

3 x 1.5 Hours - $2400 - save $300

3 x 2Hours - $3200 - save $400

3 x 3Hours - $4350- save $450

PSE - with "A"

3 x 1 Hour - $2500 - save $200

3 x 1.5 Hours - $3750 - save $300

3 x 2Hours - $5000 - save $400

3 x 3Hours - $7000- save $500

Just a whisper of anticipation: before our first rendezvous, I crave the thrill of having the entire balance paid in full.

And darling, if your desires stretch beyond the ordinary, let's explore every sultry possibility. I'm here to make our journey together an irresistible indulgence.

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