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Fly Me To You

Let's embark on an exclusive journey together. Your desires lead the way as we explore passion and intimacy, creating unforgettable moments. Get ready for an exhilarating experience tailored just for you.

Australia East Coast 

Distance won't keep us apart any longer—I'm ready to spread my wings and fly to you! Let's delve into the depths of our chemistry and connection right in your hometown.

I thrive on forging a unique connection with each individual—learning what brings you comfort, ignites your laughter, and sets your desires ablaze.

I offer tantalizing Fly Me To You (FMTY) packages to Gold Coast/Sydney/Newcastle/ Melbourne/ Hobart/ Canberra/ Cairns , perfect for indulgent afternoon or evening encounters. Curious about other cities along the eastern coast? Don't hesitate to inquire.

Our time together is yours to shape, whether it's sharing a sumptuous meal, relishing in event companionship, or exploring exhilarating recreational activities. Just remember, while a meal is essential, the pleasure of covering the cost is all yours.

My FMTY arrangements are an all-inclusive feast, encompassing rates, rideshare expenses, and return flights, with timing subject to our mutual availability and flight schedules. Need a place to stay? Let's arrange a luxurious nest for our rendezvous—for an additional fee, of course.

To secure our passionate tryst, I recommend planning ahead.  Let's make every moment together sizzle with desire!

FMTY Packages -

2 Hours PSE - $2600

4 Hours GFE date - $2400 (2 Hours Public & 2 Hours Private)

6 Hours GFE date - $2800 (3 Hours Public & 3 Hours Private)


FMTY arrangements are all-inclusive of rates, rideshare costs and return flights.

Accommodation is not included but can be arranged upon request for an additional fee.

Other cities located on the eastern coast of Australia may be considered upon request.

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